sceneries in darkness
american stills
interruption of common structures
dominion (one)
waiting for the clouds
the shadowed corner
the former village
the great outdoors (american landscapes)





hong kong 2018


Eric D Vries started photography professionally in the mid-80s in the Netherlands to become an assistant to an established local photographer before working as an independent freelance photographer/artist.

In 2007 Eric moved to Cambodia to live and to work on personal projects as well as exhibit his work at venues in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. He was one of the founding members of SEAcollectiv, a group of photographers in Southeast Asia, and involved in publishing of their 2-monthly online magazine -Moments-.

9 years ago he started instructed photo tours and high end workshops throughout Cambodia with the temples of Angkor as main part besides working on his personal projects/series.

His book -Khmer Land- was self published in 2015 indicated his black and white style of photography. The Great Outdoors (American Landscapes 93-97) will be out in October 2018. He continues with the new long term series -The Monochrome Set- and available as a printed journals starting late 2018.

Eric lives with his wife Lyda, two daughters C'moon and Mo-Jique and son Sylvian in Cambodia



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